October 11th Coming Out Day

October 8th

National Coming Out Day is a yearly LGBT awareness day. Founded by Dr. Robertdr-robert-h-eichberg H. Eichberg and Jean O’Leary in 1988.

In 1993, Eichberg said, “Most people think they don’t know anyone gay or lesbian, and in fact everyone does. It is imperative that we come out and let people know who we are and disabuse them of their fears and stereotypes.”

By coming out to family friends and colleagues and living our lives openly helps to end homophobia. Unfortunately in thirty-two states LGBT people are not protected from being fired from their job and can be evicted from their jean-oleary-2home for just being who they are. We need a federal equality law that would protect the LGBT community.

As stated on the Human Rights Website: “The patchwork of current LGBTQ legal protections leaves millions subject to uncertainty and potential discrimination that impacts their safety, their family and their way of life.” We can get married in all 50 states but risk being fired or losing our home in 32 states.

I urge everyone to contact their representatives and ask them to add LGBT coming-out-dayprotection to the Employment Discrimination Law and to the Fair Housing Act.



2 Responses to “October 11th Coming Out Day”

  1. Dorothy Buhrman says:

    In thirty-two states an LGBT person can be fired or lose their home! This is unacceptable.

  2. Wanda says:

    I totally agree. We must get the Democrats voted in both the House & the Senate, as well as elect Hillary Clinton as President if we want to get things done.

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