2020: Hot Mess – Gratitude List

December 21st

2020: Hot Mess – Gratitude List by Heidi Hirsch

To say that 2020 was a hot mess is an understatement. It has been a roller coaster that even the best designers would not have designed nor would they want to ride it themselves! Through it all, we have seen the most extraordinary acts of kindness and compassion. It is the best of times and it is the worse of times.

Regardless, here we are, so here we go!

2020 Observations:

  • 2021 is just around the corner up ahead! Never forget that — “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day.” Thank you Sherman Brothers for reminding us every day!
  • Spend money on yourself – get the best you can. Saving money on hair dye just might backfire.
  • We finally know the answer to the big question, “What would you take with you on a deserted island.”
  • We now know why Hugh Hefner lived so long. It was the pajamas, not the girls!
  • One of the hardest adjustments is not having human contact.
  • The mounting death toll and knowing that it didn’t have to be that way.  
  • All those movies we watched about things that we thought would never happen in real life — think again.

2020 Phrases I can do without!

1. “I’ve got my rights.” (Yes, you do.  You have the right to wear a mask, you have a right to wear a ventilator, and you have a right to make those choices.  What you don’t have is a right to expose me to Covid-19. WEAR the damn mask!)

2. “Oh man, have I got Zoom fatigue.”

3. “Hey! Check out my new mask. It has dancing Gnomes!”

4. “May I take your temperature please?”

5. “Please keep a distance of 6 feet at all times.”

6. “No thanks, I’m staying in my Bubble.”

7. “Fake News!”

My Top 10 Gratitude list 

I’m grateful for the following:

1.   Healthcare workers and first responders. I will never understand why we place our values on sports figures and movie stars when our frontline workers are priceless.

2.   Black Lives Matter, FINALLY.  We can’t stop here, keep moving forward.3.   American voters have spoken. Correction, American voters have shouted for change! 

4.   For all the animals that I was able to help. They gave me such joy! 

5.   Humor. Through all of this insanity, we still have our sense of humor.  Some of the funniest moments on the human condition have been brought forth. Humor is my barometer. Laughter is the best medicine.

6.   Good will always win over evil. To quote Seth Godin, “The successful affiliate doesn’t seek to out-dominate the dominator. Instead, affiliates weave together enough persistent community pressure to get things back on track. And sooner or later, people realize that the triumph of the dominator, while it can be painful, is short-lived.”

7.   All the scientists that were able to develop vaccines against Covid-19 at record speed.     

8.   Netflix, The Crown, The Queens Gambit, Stranger Things, The Prom, and Succession (Nobody says “F off” like they do!)  

9…My home. I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to create my oasis. A garden, a workshop, a sense of safety, and where I can thrive. Can’t ask for more!

10.. Last but not least, friends, family, neighbors, and my spiritual family. I’m blessed with folks in my life that dove in with both feet. When this crisis hit, we did not scatter, we mobilized. We made masks, we organized food banks for animals, our holiday gatherings became drive-up dinners to go. We acclimated and moved forward.    

Personal note:  I started writing this Blog in June 2017. This will be my 4th end-of-year Gratitude List. Thank you for the opportunity to express my observations. It is my hope that in some way these posts will bring you humor, insight, determination, empowerment, and above all, that you are magnificent! 

The happiest of holidays to all!

PS. If you still don’t know my answer to Observation #3………………….Toilet Paper!

Proud and racing to 2021!

About Heidi:   

Heidi Hirsch lives in the Los Angeles area with two birds, a bunch of Koi, and very demanding squirrels.  As a project developer for Reveal Studio, Inc. she oversees the production and development of the themed entertainment division.  Heidi has recently achieved the status of “Seasoned Citizen”.  In her downtime, she fancies herself as an urban farmer.  “Never did I think I would get so excited over tomatoes and cucumbers without salad dressing!”.

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  1. Heidi does it again! What a wonderful way to end the new year. 3 years. Wow! A big grateful thanks to both of you for working selflessly to make The LGBT Daily Spotlight a success.

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