2022 Gratitude List by Heidi Hirsch

January 1st


1.     Suzy Snowflake


That’s it? Suzy Snowflake?

2022 had its share of unfinished business from 2021 which looked as if it was going to be a rinse and repeat of the last few years. Then, Vladimir Putin felt the need to expand his real estate holdings.  

That did not go well with the rest of the world. ,There is much to be said about that mess however I will reframe for now!

Yet here we are, at the beginning of 2023 and the war continues. Since this blog is about gratitude, I will move forward.

The loss of my spiritual mentor, Reverend Doctor Marlene Morris, in March, dealt me a devastating blow. With a gentle nudge, Marlene kept me moving in my life path. When I started to sabotage my value, my self-worth and my human experience, she would always remind me with a good swift burst of “knock it off Heidi.” There is so much more to say about this extraordinary woman which I’ll share in the new year.  I am blessed that she is now resting close to my home and I visit her often.  The loss is an understatement.

2022 continued to unfold as predicted until September 16th.  For years I had been putting off getting a knee replacement. Finally, I ran out of reasons why the surgery needed to be delayed. With the pain increasing, I succumbed.  

I truly had no idea how deeply I would be affected emotionally and physically. I am grateful to my friends and the amazing healing professionals that got me back up and moving forward. However, there was a greater underlining dis-ease that needed to be heard.

I am a huge fan of “When-I” list.  When I get the weight off, when I get a new knee, when I get my studio set up, etc.  It’s endless.  During my recovery from the surgery, it was apparent to me that “When-I” wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  I was there and it was time to face the music.

While healing, metaphors started to swirl around in my head.  The new knee allowed me to move forward.  Moving forward without baggage meant I had a lot of physical and mental shit to get over.

Just prior to my surgery, I started a new friendship with my neighbor Vanessa. Turns out that Vanessa is a published writer.  She kindly signed one of her books to me, Rock Needs River, A Memoir About a Very Open Adoption. I shared that I was adopted and was excited to read her story from a different point of view. I got about 12 pages into the book and started to tear up. All my life I was able to tuck away any issues that surrounded my adoption. I am grateful for my adopted parents that loved me, took care of me and were great role models. Like many people, I swabbed my cheek and sent away to “23 & Me” to see if I had any biological family out there. I realized that I had deep emotional work to do around my adoption and knew Vanessa would play a very significant role. Aside for a few 3rd & 4th cousins—nada! I did find out that I am 94% Italian.  Yippee! At least I can trace my love of pizza!

So where does Suzy Snowflake fit in to all of this? Fast forward to a few weeks ago. I was invited to the 2nd Grade Holiday Show at the local elementary school.  My next door neighbor’s son, Jude was performing and I was on the guest list.  Quite an honor. As I sat in the auditorium it occurred to me that this event marked more than just a 15 minute holiday show. I went to this school as a kindergartener all the way through 6th Grade. So, after over 60 years later, here I am, back where I literary started! Oy Vey! 

Several days later, Young Jude and I were having a very serious conversation about Christmas music as I was firing up the keyboard for a Christmas Eve sing-a-long.  He asked me if I had Susy Snowflake which was one of the three songs, he had learned for the Holiday Show.  I explained that Suzy Snowflake, according to the teacher hosting the event, was an original song for the show. I truly did not want to volunteer to go to the school and see if I could get a copy of the music. I am a good person but not that good!

This morning I was going through some old sheet music, and there in the pile of random songs was Suzy herself!  That was one in a billion chance and yet, there it was! Having no choice, I am committed to learning the not-so-original-Suzy Snowflake!

FINALLY things started to fall in place! Thank God I didn’t bet my house on Suzy Snowflake or I would be living in my car.

While it’s all symbolic, I do believe that each of these moments play a roll as my story continues to evolve. No more “When-I List”. Listen to the Universal messages.  Stay open to hearing, seeing and accepting as guidance comes your way.

I believe in 2023.  There is a kinetic movement in the air. I can’t define it just yet, however, I do know that it contains empowerment, bravery, compassion, inspiration, forgiveness and healing. Stay diligent my friends!  

I wish you a very exciting new year. Hold on tight. it’s going to be a doozy!

In gratitude with love, Heidi


About Heidi:

Heidi Hirsch lives in the Los Angeles area.  She is the Executive Producer for Invitation To Tomorrow Today a newly launched consulting firm. When she is not working towards bringing the future to the present, her domestic responsibilities include attending to the demanding animals which at last count were, Koi and two very noisy birds, Sweet Pea and Charlie Parker.


2 Responses to “2022 Gratitude List by Heidi Hirsch”

  1. Gayle Keresey says:

    Talk about blast from the past! I sang Suzy Snowflake in grade school, which was in the early ’60s! I still remember the lyrics and sing it. We didn’t sing it as a Christmas song. We sang it when it snowed.

  2. Heidi Hirsch says:

    Hi Gayle!
    I wish I could have captured look on my face when I came across Suzy Snowflake! I honestly have no idea how I got that sheet music. Maybe I sang it as a kid it’s hard to say thank you so much for dropping a comment appreciate it. I hope it was a pleasant memory. Happy new year.

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