Step One, We Heal by Heidi Hirsch

August 12th


Step One, We Heal.

The Gray House (the White House) is at it again!

As the chaotic storm continues to gain momentum, we, the LBQT community, have recently been the center of the rage, again.

The rationale is simple.  Go for the easiest target, divert the attention away from the real issue at hand, fire with the support of the fearful, and there you have it!

I am angry.  But my anger isn’t very productive.  Actually, the only thing it does is raise my blood pressure and increase my vulgarity vocabulary.  Great strides in our history have changed many lives including our own, through uproar and regretful violence.

The question is, what are you willing to do and what are you willing to lose?  Your life? Be assured, there are those that are willing to sacrifice their lives in the name of their beliefs.

I am equally determined to protect our rights to have fulfilling equal opportunity lives but, I will not perpetrate violence and commit acts of destruction.  What I will do is join my voice with those who are outraged and disgusted by this recent attempt to disguise blatant discrimination, with bogus conservative fiscal responsibility,  only intended to rally and churn up the masses.

As deep as this assault is on our family, we will heal.  And, as we heal, we regain our strength.  And as we regain our strength, we stand up.  And when we stand up, we inspire.  And when we inspire, we empower. And when empowerment is ignited, look out!

Empowerment is the best weapon against complacency and complacency is the culprit here.  To look the other way is the fuel that feeds those who attack others. It is our responsibility to stand up and inspire. We are a community with passionate empowerment to drown out the quick flares of manipulated outrage.  Inspiring others with our actions will always speak louder than words framed to incite.  It is the greatest gift we have to offer.

By the way, according to The Washington Post, the military spends five times as much on Viagra as it would on transgender troops’ medical care.  Apparently, men are better at fighting and defending our country when their apparatus is functioning at full capacity.

We rise, all of us.
Empowered and proud.



About Heidi:
As an amateur observer of the human race, Heidi is a self -appointed documentarian life’s little quirks and how to stumble through them with humor.

Maintaining that belief has brought her to that golden age of early-bird specials, senior discounts, and the VIP-AARP card.

When she isn’t acting as the arbiter of lesbian fashion, Heidi is a professional in the themed entertainment industry. As a Project Manager, her projects include the recently opened Motiongate & Bollywood theme parks in Dubai. Currently she is working on a new theme park in an undisclosed location in the Middle East.

Always on the lookout for new adventures, Heidi enjoys building Free Libraries and is currently co-developing an on-line directory for the themed entertainment industry.

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  1. Dorothy Bu says:

    Heidi Hirsch is empowering the LGBT community with her blogs. Bravo, Heidi!

  2. Wanda Baker says:

    Thank you for another powerful blog! You’re a great addition to LGBT Daily Spotlight!

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