LGBT Daily SpotLight last post will be Feb. 25th

LGBT Daily SpotLight will be shut down on February 26th

Since January, 2016, I have been posting on my website. I no longer can keep up with all the LGBTQ people that have come out & all the events that have impacted our community. February 25th will be the last day of my website. Thank you to everyone that has subscribed to LGBTDailySpotLight.

For far too long, LGBT people have had their personal lives hidden from history. This is a site that celebrates those that have kicked the hinges off the closet door and have contributed to society worldwide. It is important to me that LGBT youth realize that they are not alone, that their lives matter and they can become and do anything their heart’s desire.

It was through my wife that I discovered Writer’s Almanac. I found it inspiring, informative, and fun to read. I especially liked that it was based on daily occurrences, such as birthdays and events. LGBT Daily Spotlight has been fashioned after it.

The material I’ve gathered is from our personal library. I have also found lists of LGBT politicians, actors, musicians, and other occupations that I compiled into one. Our straight allies are also listed. I want to acknowledge: Wikipedia, The Advocate, Huffington Post – Gay Voices, and Michelangelo Signorile’s radio program on Sirius XM Progress. My research extended to biographies and newspapers from around the world, both on the internet and in print.

LGBT Daily Spotlight is dedicated to all those that came before us. It is their shoulder’s that we stand on.

-Wanda Baker – Founder

Wanda & Hanover Mare 1-20-2008