August 3rd People

August 3rd

08-03-1887 – 04-23-1915  Rupert C. Brooke – Born in Rugby, England. He was an English poet known for his war sonnets written during WWI, especially The Soldier. The Irish poet W.B. Yeats described him as “the handsomest young man in England”. In 1912, he suffered an emotional crisis caused by his confusion of being bisexual. While with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force in 1915, he developed sepsis from an infected mosquito bite and died on April 23, 1915. On November 11, 1985, Brooke was among 16 WWI poets commemorated on a slate monument in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey.

08-03-1987 Hahn-Bin – Born in Seoul, Korea. In 2012 he changed his name to Amadeus Hahn Bin 2Leopold. He is a Korean-American avant-garde violinist. “I never identified as a boy or a girl, I never identified as gay or straight, Asian American,” he says. “But a lot of people forced their vision of who I was onto me based on my appearance as I was growing up. So fashion really was a way for me to claim self-love, claim my own identity – to create Hahn-Bin.

08-03-1967 Deborah Dyer (known by the stage name Skin) – Born in Brixton, London, England. She is an English singer, a music DJ, and occasional model. In 2015 she became a judge on the Italian version of the talent show The X Factor. Dyer is openly bisexual. In 2013 she entered into a civil partnership with Christiana Wyly, daughter of American billionaire Sam Wyly.

08-03-1990 Ryan Steele – Born and raised in Walled Lake, Michigan. He is a Broadway actor and dancer. He has also performed in film and television. Steele is openly gay and his familyRyan Steele has always been supportive of his career and his sexuality. He was in the 2009 revival of West Side Story. Steele’s first film was Five Dances, released in 2013. He also appeared as an ensemble member in the TV series Smash, as well as in the pilot episode of The Miraculous Year. In 2015, Steele was a dancer in the 2015 Academy Award ceremony. He was on Out’s 3rd Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors (2013).

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