Casting the Creative Spirit by Heidi Hirsch

September 2nd

Casting the Creative Spirit

In my career, I’ve often had the task of developing project teams. My current position is Director of Project Development for an architectural firm. Getting to know people, not just their skills and experience, is important. It’s crucial to bring the right people together to create a well balanced team.

    I’ve looked at 100’s of portfolios, websites, and Youtube videos, with 1000’s of images that express the designs of artists, designers, graphic designers, writers, and technical engineers. I scan a body of work quickly and know if they have the chops, but it still doesn’t show the core of their creative spirit.

     Creativity comes in all forms: Communication, critical thinking, problem solving, verbal and physical expression. Everyone of these interactions are forms of storytelling. I look for the individual that brings the story to life in dynamic and inspirational ways. The foundation begins with imagination.

       In interviews, we get to know each other. I always ask these four questions.

  1. What’s in your toolbox?

    We all have tool boxes – Thoughts, experiences, or things we have gathered through the years are of great service to us. Some are simple reminders of situations that have resulted in great wisdom, and some send up the red flag!

  1. If you had no boundaries, no constraints, and a blank space, what would you do with those tools? 

   Wide open spaces –  Filling the void.  What would you do with nothing? 

  1. Of all the things you have heard, all the opinions you have dealt with, what is the one thing you would tellothers to ignore? And the one thing you would tell other to consider.

 Opinions – We are plagued with opinions. Everybody has them. Through the years, those opinions can help or deterus. When you look back, what opinion was the one that stood out as the best and as the least helpful.

  1. And finally, what inspires you the most?
    Inspiration – Inspiration is the greatest motivator. Most of the time we might not even know how, who, or what ignites us to stoke the fires.  You might look back and realize that the point of inspirational combustion was a movie, a speaker, a teacher, or a friend. A book can set our world in motion. Inspiration is magical. Share the magic in your life. Who, what, when, where did or do you find your inspiration?

Now it’s your turn!  I hope you will take the time to post your answers to these four questions in comments or email me at  

I promise to share mine in the next Blog. For now, cut loose, have fun!
Remember everybody has a creative spirit. What’s yours? 

Creative and Proud


About Heidi:

Heidi Hirsch lives in the Los Angeles area.  She is the Executive Producer for Invitation To Tomorrow Today a newly launched consulting firm. When she is not working towards bringing the future to the present, her domestic responsibilities include attending to the demanding animals which at last count were, Koi and two very noisy birds, Sweet Pea and Charlie Parker.

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