December 6th Events

December 6th

12-06-2011 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers a historic speech on LGBT rights at U.N. in Geneva. In what LGBT equality advocates are heralding as a remarkable and historic speech, U.S. hillary-clinton-un-gay-rightsSecretary of State Hillary Clinton today told diplomats from around the world that LGBT rights are universal human rights, equal to women’s rights and racial equality, and that the United States, under the administration of President Barack Obama, will from now on take a country’s treatment of its LGBT citizens into consideration when making decisions on awarding foreign aid to that country.
Clinton delivered the speech before a gathering at the United Nations in Geneva, home of the U.N.’s human rights body.
Clinton delivered her address shortly after the White House Press Office released a statement announcing that President Obama had sent out a presidential memorandum instructing U.S. diplomatic officers and agencies to “promote and protect” the rights of LGBT persons abroad.

12-06-2012 Washington State Gay Marriage: Same-sex couples washington-stateobtain Marriage Licenses for the first time. Among those getting marriage licenses on Thursday was gay rights activist Dan Savage, who married his partner on Sunday with other couples at Seattle City Hall.

12-06-2012 Maryland issues its first marriage licenses to gay couples, a month after voters upheld the state’s same-sex marriage maryland-same-sex-marriagelaw, which went into effect Jan. 1, 2013.

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