Every Day is Wednesday: A Love Story

December 19th

Every Day is Wednesday : A Love Story

It’s Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 10:33am

“Hey Heidi! Want to foster two little puppies coming from Arizona?”

My response was “Bring them on!”

What the hell was I thinking!

Over three years ago, my Australian Shepherd, Elijah passed. I was devastated and swore that that was it. I would never go through anything like that again. However, fostering appealed to me. True to my preferred relationship characteristics, fostering means I don’t have to commit. What if you fall in love with the dogs. I won’t. I have too many things to do.

Friends, who think they know more than I do, would say,“You can’t handle one puppy, what are you

My neighbor Jude with the girls.

gonna do with two?”

My response was, “What’s to handle? Pee. Poop. Sleep. Eat. Repeat!”

And so on January 29th at 7:34pm, Wednesday and Enid entered my life. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling the tug. Again, I

enforced the push back. NO Dog! Besides, they were

puppies! They would be out of my house within two weeks at

the most.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Finally an application for one of the puppies came in and a meet and greet was set up. I was still emotionally in check and holding my own! As it turned out the couple decided to pass on the adoption. I knew I was in trouble when the pit in my stomach disappeared and the two girls were still with me.

Wednesday & Enid

Months later when Enid was adopted, Lisa Young, the Director of Rescue Train turned to me and said, “Well, are you going to adopt Wednesday?” 

I said ,“Yes,” and a flood gate of tears came streaming down.

Adoption Day! July 6, 2023

Why?  Because I spent my whole life perfecting excuses to not connect. In this case, there was one minor problem. It was way too late and NOBODY would take care of Wednesday the way I can and she already had a bed that she liked and, and, and . . .

It has been quite an adjustment. I hear myself saying things like:

“Where is Moo-Moo?” 

“Let’s go Pee-pee and Poop-poop.”

There are also new rules and boundaries that I have learned to live with! Wednesday has a warped sense of boundaries. I have

boundaries, Wednesday does not. Which means, I should abide by her rules. Mine means nothing!

Terms of our agreement as dictated by Wednesday :

1. Toilet Paper is a Toy.

2. She’ll help bring in firewood.

3. She loves to garden. She is in charge of distribution.

4. She has two boyfriends, Jackson and Sherman. It is my responsibility to make sure playdates don’t overlap.

    Visiting hours with Jackson

Sherman and Wednesday

5. She monitors my spending habits.

Watching my spending habits.

6. She is very clear about “Do Not Disturb.”

As we bid a fond adieu to 2023, do your best to leave behind that which serves no purpose. Don’t wait like I did, making excuses or reasons why something can’t be done. Use every opportunity to find love, to feel it, to give it, and above all, to accept it.

Whether it’s a beautiful sunrise, rain on the petals of a rose, or the joy of a puppy excited to greet you. This story is about Wednesday and it’s a story about love. Life can certainly take you for a ride and send you into orbit, and I for one couldn’t be happier!

For every day is Wednesday!

Loving everyday & Proud!

Happy Holidays!

Heidi & Wednesday

If you are interested in adoption, please visit www.RescueTrain.org

Please remember, Don’t Shop, Adopt!

3 Responses to “Every Day is Wednesday: A Love Story”

  1. Dorothy says:

    I loved this Heidi. I love the photos too. You’ve got your hands full but aren’t you glad. Wednesday has definitely brought love and happiness into your life.

  2. Wanda Baker says:

    Wonderful blog! All of us that have animals know the heartache of losing one. And, all of us know the happiness and love we have when we have one. Very happy for you and Wednesday. Thank you so much for all the blogs you’ve written for LGBT Daily SpotLight.

  3. mike toppe says:

    Happy New Year and congratulations on the new addition. Opening your heart again (especially as we get older) might be tricky but you kept your eyes open as well. I’m very happy for you both.

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