February 21st People

February 21st

02-21-1936 – 01-17-1996 Barbara Jordan – Born in Houston, Texas. She was an American politician and a leader of the Civil Rights movement. She was the first African American elected to the Texas Senate after Reconstruction, the first southern black female elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and the first African-American woman to deliver the keynote address at a Democratic National Convention. Jordan received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Upon her death, she became the first African-American woman to be buried in the Texas State Cemetery. She had a 30 year relationship with Nancy Earl. Jordan never publicly acknowledged her sexual orientation, but in her obituary, the “Houston Chronicle” mentioned her long relationship with Earl.

02-21-1943 David Geffen – Born in Borough Park, New York City, New York. He is an American record executive, film studio executive and producer, theatrical producer, and philanthropist. He is one of three founders of Dream Works Studio. Geffen is a prominent philanthropist. He supports medical research, AIDS organizations, the arts, and theatre. In 1995 he donated $5 million towards UCLA’s Westwood Playhouse. The theatre was renamed the Geffen Playhouse. In 2002, he announced a $200 million unrestricted endowment for the School of Medicine at UCLA. On December 13, 2012, UCLA announced that Geffen had donated another $100 million in addition to his $200 million. His donation is the largest ever made to a medical school in the United States. His gift funds the full cost of attendance for up to 30 students per year, beginning with the Class of 2017.

02-21-1907 – 09-29-1973 W. H. Auden – Born in York, England. He was an Anglo-American poet, in 1946 he became an American citizen. Many critics regard him as one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Auden first met Christopher Isherwood at his first boarding school, St. Edmund’s School, in Hindhead, Surrey. He was reintroduced in Isherwood in 1925 by a fellow student. Auden probably fell in love with Isherwood, and in the 1930s they maintained a sexual relationship in intervals between their flings with others. Between 1935 and 1939 they collaborated on three plays and a travel book. Around 1939, Auden met the poet Chester Kallman, who became his lover. In 1941 Kallman ended their relationship because he couldn’t accept Auden’s insistence on a mutual faithful relationship, but he and Auden remained companions for the rest of Auden’s life, sharing houses and apartments from 1953 until Auden’s death. Auden dedicated both editions of his collected poetry (1945 and 1966) to Isherwood and Kallman. He summarized his emotional life in a famous couplet: “If equal affection cannot be / Let the more loving one be me.”

02-21-1960   Isaac Julien – Born East End of London, England. He is a British filmmaker and a professor. His 1989 drama-documentary Looking for Langston won the Teddy Award for Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 1991 he won the Semaine de la Critique Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for Young Soul Rebels. Julien joined US Santa Cruz as distinguished professor of the arts in 2018. He is also a patron of the Live Art Development Agency. Julien is openly gay.

02-21-1987 Ellen Page – Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a Canadian actress. She starred in the film Juno and other major films. She has won more that 25 awards, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, a Golden Globe Award, and a BAFTA for Juno. She describes herself as a Pro-choice feminist. She is also a vegetarian. On February 14, 2014, Page came out as gay in a speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s “Time to Thrive” conference.

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