February 4th People

February 4th

1963 (DOB Unknown) – Mpho Andrea Tutu – Born in London, England. She is the youngest daughter of Desmond Tutu. Her father ordained her a priest of the Episcopal Church in 2004. Mpho and her father wrote the book Made for Goodness mpho-tutu-2(2010) based on the belief that all people are basically good and that by spreading the message of peace and goodwill that changes can be made. She was married to Joseph Burris and had two children with him. The couple divorced. In late 2015, she married her long-time Dutch girlfriend, Dr. Marceline van Furth in a small private ceremony in the Netherlands, but the couple went public in January 2016 when they had a wedding celebration in Cape Town, South Africa. Her marriage meant that she lost her license to practice as a priest. Same-sex marriage was legalized in South Africa in 2006, but the church does not recognize those mpho-tutu-marceline-van-furthmarriages. Cape Town bishop Raphael Hess said he was “vexed” by the need for Tutu-van Furth to renounce her clerical duties, but he hoped it would be short-lived. Speaking to South Africa’s City Press from her honeymoon in Bali, Mpho noted the “irony” of being censored for her similarities to her spouse rather than her differences, as South Africans once were under apartheid. Mpho stated, “My wife and I meet across almost every dimension of difference. Some of our differences are obvious; she is tall and white, I am black and vertically challenged. Ironically, coming from a past where difference was the instrument of division, it is our sameness that is now the cause of distress. My wife and I are both women.”


1964 (DOB Unknown) – Rose Troche – Born in Chicago, Illinois. She is a Puerto rose-trocheRican-American film and television producer and screenwriter. Her directorial debut was the film Go Fish (1994), a lesbian love story. She directed an episode of the HBO drama Six Feet Under and was also a director and writer for the Showtime series The L Word.



1965 (DOB Unknown) – Nina Jacobson – Born in Los Angeles, California. She is nina-jacobsonan American film executive who, until July 2006, was president of the Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company. She was one of the last women to head a Hollywood film studio since the 1980s. Jacobson established her own production company called Color Force in 2007, and is the producer of The Hunger Games. In 1995, she and film director Bruce Cohen formed Out There, a collection of gay and lesbian entertainment industry activists. She is openly lesbian.


1953 (DOB Unknown) – Gregory Woods – Born in Egypt. He is a British poet that grew up in Ghana. Since 1990 he has taught at Nottingham Trent University, where gregory-woodsin 1998 he was appointed the first Professor of Gay and Lesbian Studies in the United Kingdom. On retirement, he was appointed Emeritus Professor of Gay and Lesbian Studies. His main areas of interest are twentieth-century gay and lesbian literature; post-war gay and lesbian films, cultural studies, and the AIDS epidemic. In addition to his poetry collections, he is the author of a number of books. According to poet Sinéad Morrissey, “Probably, the finest gay poet in the United Kingdom.”

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