February 25th People

February 25th

02-25-1941 Jutta Oesterle-Schwerin – Born in Jerusalem, Israel. She was a German politician and a lesbian pioneer in the Bundestag (German constitutional and legislative body). She served in office four years, from 1987 to the end of 1990. In those years, her name was among 137 parliamentary initiatives on gender equality for women with men and on LGBT rights. She now lives in Berlin and is a spokeswoman for the Lesbian Ring. The Lesbian Ring is a member of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA). She is the sister of Israeli historian Tom Segev.


(DOB Unknown) Ian Harvie – Born in Portland, Maine. He is a transgender pioneer. Harvie knew he was transgender at a very early age, but didn’t have the language for his gender identity at the time. He came out as queer at nineteen and as transgender at age thiry two. Harvie is the world’s first trans male comedian and in November 2006 began touring with comedienne Margaret Cho as her opening act. Cho cast him as a permanent member of her off-Broadway burlesque comedy revue, Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman. In 2008, he began his solo career.


(DOB Unknown) Abigall (Abby) Jensen – Place of birth unknown. She is a trans woman and attorney. Jensen is an activist of trans and LGBT rights, feminism, and any other threat to everyone’s right to be who they truly are. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.




(DOB Unknown) Eden Lane – Place of birth unknown. She is the first openly transgender person in mainstream television broadcasting in the United States. In 2008, she became the first openly transgender journalist to cover a major political event for PBS (the Democratic Convention). As of 2015, she is the host of In Focus with Eden Lane on Colorado Public television. The newspaper Westworld named her “Best Non-Network TV Personality” in 2015. She is married and has one daughter.


(DOB Unknown) Carys Massarella – Place of birth unknown. She is the first transgender president of a hospital medical staff in the world: St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hospital, Ontario, Canada.


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