June 1st People

June 1st

06-01-1926 – 08-05-1962 Marilyn Monroe – She was an American actress and model. Famous for playing “dumb blonde” characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s. She was married and divorced three Marilyn Monroetimes. According to biographer Michelle Morgan, her marriages were unhappy and unfulfilled. Michael Thornton of the Daily Mail stated her heart and passion were oriented towards women. In her therapy transcripts, Monroe admitted to having sexual encounters with actresses Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, and Marlene Dietrich. In 1969, Betty Grable stated that she had found Monroe’s pursuit of her “sometimes scary.” Monroe also appeared to be in love with her acting coaches, Natasha Lytess and Paula Strasberg. She also told her close friend, actor Ted Jordan, that she and Natasha were sleeping together: “ Why not?” she said. “Sex is something you do with people you like. What could be wrong with a natural act?” Her untimely death has made her an icon to this day.


06-01-1952 Ferron (Born Deborah Folsy) – Born in Vancouver, Canada. She is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter and poet. She learned to play the guitar at age 11. At 15, she left home and went to high school in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her mother is from a French Canadian family and they always played music around her.In addition to being one of Canada’s most famous folk musicians, she is one of the most influential writers Ferronand performers of women’s music, and an important influence on later musicians such as Ani DiFranco, Mary Gauthier, and the Indigo Girls.   In 1971, Foisy changed her name to Ferron when one of her friends had a dream in which she was called Ferron. She is openly lesbian.

06-01-1981 Brandi Carlile – Born in Ravensdale, Washington. She is an American alternative country and folk singer-songwriter and winner of three Grammy awards. Carlile has released six albums including The Story, Give Up the Ghost and Live at Benaroya Hall with Brandi Carlilethe Seattle Symphony, the last reaching number 14 on the Top Rock Albums chart. In a November 2002 interview, Carlile identified herself as a lesbian. In June 2012 she announced she was engaged to Catherine Shepherd. The two were married in Boston, Massachusetts on September 15, 2012. In June 2014 they welcomed their first child.

06-01-1996   Nathan Westling – Born in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is an American fashion model and the star of the Spring 2014 Marc Jacobs & Saint Laurent Paris ad campaigns. In 2017, Westling was chosen as the debut model for their new model Crush series introduced by L’Officiel Malaysia. In March 2019, Westling came out as a transgender man. Stated in a CNN Style article, “After a decade spent receiving therapy and medication for depression, anxiety, and anger issues, he finally decided to address what he’s always known to be the underlying problem. To do so, de decamped from his base in New York to Los Angeles to begin transitioning from life as Natalie to life as Nathan.” 

06-01-1950   Tom Robinson – Born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. He is a British singer-songwriter, bassist, radio presenter, and long-time LGBT rights activist. One of his best known hit was Glad to Be Gay. At the age of 13, Robinson realized that he was gay. In 1973, Robinson moved to London and became involved with the gay scene and joined in the politics of the gay liberation. He founded the Tom Robinson band in 1976. In 1977, the group released the single 2-4-6-8-Motorway, a song that alludes to a gay truck driver. The single peaked at No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart for two weeks. Robinson’s song, Glad to Be Gay, was written for a 1976 London gay pride parade. In 1979, Robinson co-wrote several songs with Elton John. At a 1982 benefit party for London’s Gay Switchboard, he met Sue Brearley, the woman he would have two children by and later marry. Robinson says he is bisexual and has always made it clear that he likes both men and women. Over his career he has released more than twenty albums.

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