November 25th People

November 25th

11-25-1837 – 11-25-1931 Elizabeth M. Cushier – One of eleven children, Cushier was born in New York City. She was a professor of medicine, and one of New York’s most prominent obstetricians for 25 years. During WWI, Cushier worked in Belgium and France. From 1882, she lived with Dr. Emily Blackwell (b. Oct. 8, 1826), until Blackwell’s death in September, 1910. Cushier said after Blackwell’s death that it made “an irreparable break in my life.” Cushier died in 1931. Her papers are archived among the Blackwell Family Papers at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute for Advance Study at Harvard University.


11-25-1896 – 09-30-1989 Virgil Thomson – Born in Kansas City. Missouri. He was an American composer and critic. Thomson was influential in the development of the “American Sound” in classical music. He lived in Paris from 1925 until 1940. In 1925, her met painter Maurice Grosser (October 23, 1903 – December 22, 1986), who became his life partner. The couple lived at the Hotel Chelsea, where they presided over a largely gay salon, that included Leonard Bernstein and Tennessee Williams. Gertrude Stein was an important friend that mentored him. His book, The State of Music, established him as a peer to Aaron Copland.. Thomson was also a music critic for the New York Herald-Tribune from 1940 to 1954.


11-25-1942 Rosa von Praunheim (born Holger Mischwitzky) – Born in Riga, Latvia Central Prison during the German occupation of Latvia in World War II. His mother died in 1946 and he was given up for adoption. He learned about his biological mother in 2000, when his adoptive mother told him. He is a German film director, author, painter and the most famous gay rights activist in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He took on the female name Rosa von Praunheim to remind people of the pink triangle that gays had to wear in Nazi concentration camps. He has made over seventy feature films. His films center on gay related themes and strong female characters. Some of the people that have been featured in his films include Jayne County, Vaginal Davis, Divine and Jeff Stryker. He was an early advocate of AIDS awareness and safer sex.


11-25-1953 Katherine Zappone – Born in Washington State, USA. She is an Irish activist and a feminist theologian. Her spouse is Ann Louise Gillgan. They married in Canada in 2003. She is the first openly lesbian member of the Oireachtas (Irish legislature) and the first member in a recognized same-sex relationship. Zappone is also a former CEO of the National Women’s Council of Ireland.




11-25-1980 Ng Yi-Sheng – Born in Singapore. He is a Singaporean gay writer. Ng has published a collection of his poems entitled “Last Boy” and a documentary book on gay, lesbian, and bisexual Singaporeans called “SQ21: Singapore Queers in the 21st Century” in 2006. Ng also regards himself as a performance artist, as well as being a writer. He performed slam poetry pieces for ContraDiction, Singapore’s first gay poetry reading held in 2005, and was a co-organizer and performer in its sequel, ContraDiction 2, in 2006. Ng continues to perform his poetry at various events, including literary events and charity functions.


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