October 30th People

October 30th

10-30-1825 – 02-02-1864 Adelaide Procter – Born in London, England. She was an English poet and philanthropist. Procter was the adelaide-procterfavorite poet of Queen Victoria. She worked prominently on behalf of unemployed women and the homeless and was actively involved with feminist groups and journals. She is known to have had an affair with English writer Matilda Hays. She never married.



10-30-1853 – 07-10-1927 Louise Abbéma – Born in Étampes, Essonne, France. She was a French painter, sculptor, and designer of the Belle Epoque. She first received recognition for her work at age 23 when she louise-abbemapainted a portrait of Sarah Bernhardt, her lifelong friend and possibly her lover. She went on to paint portraits of other contemporary notables, and also painted panels and murals for the Paris Town Hall, the Paris Opera House, and numerous theaters including the “Theatre Sarah Bernhardt.” She was a regular exhibitor at the Paris Salon, where she received an honorable mention for her panels in 1881. Abbéma was also among the female artists whose work were exhibited in the Women’s Building at the 1893 Columbian World Exposition in Chicago. Her long relationship with Bernhardt and the fact that she never married has been the basis for the widespread assumption that she was a lesbian. A painting by Abbéma done in 1890, depicting the two women on a boat ride, was donated to the Comédie-Francasise with a letter stated that the painting was “Painted by Louise Abbéma on the anniversary of their love affair.”


10-30-1930 – 03-04-1992 Néstor Almendros – Born in Barcelona, Spain. He was an Oscar-winning Spanish cinematographer. In 1948, he left Spain for Cuba where he started the country’s first film society. Almendros worked on nine films with François Truffaut. Hollywood used him as well, including Terence Malick’s Days of Heaven (1976), for which he won an Academy Award for best photography. Other films include Kramer vs. Kramer (1978), The Blue Lagoon (1979) and Sophie’s Choice (1982). In 1984, Almendros filmed and directed a documentary about the homophobia of the Castro regime. He used this film to expose the persecution of gays. An intensely private man, he conducted his emotional and sexual life with great secrecy. Even in his autobiography, he does not mention that he was gay. Almendros died at the age of sixty-one from AIDS-related lymphoma.



10-30-1965 Jurgen Mayer-Hermann – Born in Stuttgart, Germany. He is jurgen-mayer-hermannan German architect and artist. His work has been published and exhibited worldwide and is part of international collections including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York and San Francisco. He was on Out’s 3rd Annual 100 Most Eligible Bachelors (2013).


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