October 31st People

October 31st

10-31-1896 – 09-01-1977 Ethel Waters – Born in Chester, Pennsylvania. She was an American blues, jazz, and gospel vocalist, and actress. Her best known recordings include Dinah, Stormy Weather, Taking a Chance on Love and Am I Blue?. Waters was the second African-American, after Hattie McDaniel, to be nominated for an Academy Award. She is also the first African-American woman to be nominated for an Emmy Award in 1962. She kept her lesbian relationship with dancer Ethel Williams private, even making sure biographies didn’t mention that they lived together.

10-31-1876 – 02-02-1972 Natalie Clifford Barney – Born in Dayton, Ohio. She was an American playwright, poet and novelist who lived as an natalie-clifford-barneyexpatriate in Paris. Barney’s salon was held at her home in Paris for more than 60 years and brought together writers and artists from around the world. She worked to promote writing by women. She was an out lesbian and began publishing love poems to women under her own name as early as 1900. She had many affairs that included a 50 year relationship with artist Romain Brooks.

10-31-1883 – 06-08-1956 Marie Laurencin – Born in Paris, France. She was a French marie-laurencinpainter and printmaker. As a member of the Cubists artists, she was an important figure in the Parisian avant-garde. Laurencin is known as one of the few female Cubist painters. She became romantically involved with the poet Guillaume Apolinaire and knew many of those that attended the salon of the American expatriate and famous lesbian writer Natalie Clifford Barney. She had affairs with both men and women.

10-31-1885 – 04-??-1975 Clara Sipprell – Born in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. She was a Canadian-born, early photographer who lived most of her lifeclara-sipprell in the United States. Sipprell was well known for her pictorial landscapes and for her portraits of many famous actors, artists, writers, and scientist. Her portraits included Pearl S. Buck, Albert Einstein, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Maxfield Parrish, and Eleanor Roosevelt. In 1937 she moved from New York to Manchester, Vermont. There she met Phyllis Fenner (1899-1982), a writer, librarian, and anthologist for children’s books. The two women lived together for thirty-eights years until the death of Sipprell in 1975.

10-31-1955 – 07-25-2009 Jacques Teyssier – Born in Annonay, France. He was a French and German citizen. Teyssier was a German LGBT rights jacquest-teyssieractivist. He was a member of the board of directors of LSVD (lesbian and gay association in Germany). One of his achievements was the recognition of LSVD by the UN. He was also involved in the building of the human rights organization Hirschfeld Eddy Foundation. From 1992 he lived with his partner Volker Beck, a German politician and one of the most famous gay activists in Germany. Teyssier died of cancer in 2009.

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