October 3rd Events

October 3rd

10-03-2011 Gay Voices (now called Queer Voices), begins on Huffington Post. It has been consistently ranked the number one lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender news/culture website on the Internet by comScore. The Huffington Post is the only mainstream organization with a section specifically dedicated to LGBT news.


10-03-2012 Expedia, the online travel company, launches “Find Your Understanding” video, which was produced as part of the online travel company’s “Find Yours” campaign. It tells the story of Artie Goldstein, a retired business owner who admits to feeling apprehensive before attending his daughter Jill’s same-sex wedding in California. Great footage of Jill and Nikki’s wedding accompanied by Goldstein’s emotional narration. “You come to terms with it…it’s suppose to be this way,” Goldstein observes. The travel site endorses gay marriage and shows in the video how it brings families together when it matters the most.


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