October 7th People

October 7th

10-07-1931 – 12-26-2021 Archbishop Desmond Tutu – Born in Klerksdorp, South Africa. He is a supporter of LGBT rights stating “I would not worship a God archbishop-desmond-tutuwho is homophobic and that is how deeply I feel about this.” Tutu has lent his name to the fight against homophobia in Africa and around the world. He stated at the launching of the book “Sex, Love, and Homophobia” that homophobia is a “crime against humanity” and “every bit as unjust” as apartheid. Tutu died from prostate cancer in Cape Town at the age of 90.


10-07-1903 – 04-04-1975   Herbert List – Born into a prosperous family in Hamburg, Germany. He was a German photographer. His work appeared in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Life Magazine. His black-and-white compositions, especially his homoerotic male nudes, taken in Italy and

SPAIN. 1950. Self-Portrait – possibly done by Max Scheler on-location shooting of “Love and Desire” by French filmmaker Henri DECOIN. A French Spanish coproduction shot on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Greece became influential in modern photography and contemporary fashion photography. He lived openly as a gay man and in 1936, in response to the danger of the Nazis, he moved to Paris. List was also part Jewish. In 1941, during WWII, he was forced to return to Germany. Because one of his grandparents was Jewish, he was not allowed to work professionally. In 1944 he was drafted into the German military and served in Norway as a map designer. List is best known for his book Jünge Manner (1988) which contains more than seventy photos of young men. After his death, his collection was acquired by the National Gallery in Washington.

10-07-1916 – 08-11-1953 John Horne Burns – Born in Andover, Massachusetts. He was an American author best known for the 1947 book, john-horne-burnsThe Gallery, which depicts life in Allied-occupied Naples, Italy from the perspective of several different characters. Burns explored the average man’s resentment of the military, his struggle to assert his individuality within the complex war effort, the tension between officers and enlisted men, the psychological effects of dislocation, economic, and social inequality between the Americans and those they defeated, the experience of homosexual military personnel, and the popular life of Naples in 1944 under Allied occupation. The Saturday Review called the novel “the best war book of the year.” Burns is known as a gay novelist and stated that he was certain that to be a great writer it was necessary to be homosexual. He was known to drink to excess. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

10-07-1935 Noretta Koertge – Born in Olney, Illinois. She is a philosopher of science noted for her work on Karl Popper and scientific rationality. Since noretta-koertge1981, she has been a Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Indiana. She has also written novels, including Who Was That Masked Woman? (1981) and Valley of the Amazons (1984). She is an out lesbian.

10-07-1952 Marilyn Waring – Born in Ngaruawahia, New Zealand. She is a New Zealand feminist, politician, an activist for female human rights and marilyn-waringenvironmental issues, a development consultant, and United Nations expert, She is also an author and an academic, known as a principal founder of the discipline of feminist economics. Waring was a member of the New Zealand Parliament between 1975 and 1984. Waring’s work was the subject of a 1995 film by Oscar-winning director Terre Nash, titled Who’s Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics. An anthology, Counting on Marilyn Waring: New Advances in Feminist Economics was published in 2014, included contributions of a diverse group of scholars on advances made in the field since the publication of her book, If Women Counted, published in 1988 with an introduction by Gloria Steinem.

10-07-1964 Dan Savage – Born in Chicago, Illinois. He is an American gay activist, author, media pundit, journalist, newspaper editor, and sex advice dan-savagecolumnist. In 2010, Savage and his husband, Terry Miller, began the “It Gets Better Project” to help prevent suicide among LGBT youth. Savage and Miller were married in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005. Following the 2012 legalization of gay marriage in Washington, he and Miller were part of the ceremonial first group of 11 couples to receive a Washington marriage license. The couple married at Seattle City Hall on December 9, 2012.

10-07-1973 Hans Peter Minderhoud – Born in Westkapelle, Netherlands. He is a Dutch dressage rider. In 2008, he won a silver Olympic hans-peter-minderhoudmedal in Team Dressage at the Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Minderhoud is openly gay and in a relationship with teammate Edward Gal. At the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he was one of 49 out LGBT athletes to compete.

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