“Open a new window, open a new door” by Heidi Hirsch

May 9th

Open a new window, open a new door.  

Sound familiar? They’re lyrics from the musical Mame*.

Change can be challenging.  Change takes a leap of faith. As the saying goes— “You have to do something you have never done before to achieve something you have never had before.”

It’s so much easier to leave things the way they are. No use upsetting the apple cart.

Sometimes it takes a major event to shake things up, that turns us upside down.

We are past that point. We were all tossed in orbit the past two years facing something that nobody saw coming.

So now that the unforeseen has happened, let’s take an assessment of where we are. We have been stripped down to our metaphoric skivvies. It’s time for a fresh start.

We have the opportunity to do it all over again, but this time with the lessons we have learned. How do we go from feeling like a prisoner to creating our perfect world? Let’s start with an empty undefined space and build it with who we are today.

Look around you. Is your world cluttered?  Physically and mentality? Are you keeping things you no longer need? Do your thoughts keep you from moving forward?

 Shake it off!  (Thanks to Taylor Swift.)

Rather lofty? Start with a small space, a single thought. What if that space only housed what made you happy? What if every time you entered that space you were filled with joy. What if you became balanced, rejuvenated, energetic, and peaceful. 

How do we get started? Start from scratch. Anything you can get off the shelf has probably been tampered with.  

Let’s get going!

First, find a stone, preferably a smooth stone like a river rock. Hold it in your hands, feel the weight.  If this is the one, visualize a word.  Any word. Once you have that word, set the stone down. Find a place to be comfortable. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Be aware of your breathing. In my world, I call it Blue Sky. Thoughts will pop up. If a negative thought or emotion comes up—send it away. Have a journal to jot down notes. Remember, this is yours to do what you want. 

Here  are a few tips to this exercise: 

1. Just because it comes up, doesn’t mean it gets to stay.

2. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t rule it out.  Add it to the list for now. Remember it’s YOUR world, you can have anything you want in your space!

3. If you still want that pony you never got, maybe you need to find a symbol of that pony or get a pony!

4. This is about your empowerment. 

5. If it feels like a “have to” let it go.

. Visualize only what makes you happy. 

 This is an exercise to realize that the power to make changes is within you. Remember, take the time to empower yourself.


There is one more thing to consider adding to your space. Visualize a window and a door. When you are ready, stand in your portal of change, open that new window or walk through that new door!


By the way, the word on my stone is Aviator.  

Flying High and Proud


About Heidi:

Heidi Hirsch lives in the Los Angeles area.  She is the Executive Producer for Invitation To Tomorrow Today a newly launched consulting firm. When she is not working towards bringing the future to the present, her domestic responsibilities include attending to the demanding animals which at last count were, Koi and two very noisy birds, Sweet Pea and Charlie Parker.


Open a New Window

Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman

Release Date

January 1 1966


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