Ordinary People by Heidi Hirsch

March 13th

Ordinary People

Recently, I witnessed a miracle. I almost missed it because I was looking and hoping for a different outcome. What I realized is that miracles don’t often appear accompanied by a professional studio band, award-winning special effects, or highly regarded actors interpreting well written scripts.

On Wednesday, February 5th at 3:55 AM, Sammy, the daughter of my friend, Andrea, passed away at age 23.

Sammy had cystic fibrosis and for 23 years Andrea championed as only a mother would. We kept hoping for a miracle, that Divine intervention would step in and revitalize Sammy’s lungs, making her strong. That was not to be.

Sammy knew she was dying, but that didn’t stop her. She wore a T-Shirt that read “I’m not dead yet.” This vibrant, sassy, quick witted, no bullshit, this-will-not-get-in-my-way, kid with chutzpah, tenacity, and a determination to live life to the fullest, no matter the limited time, did just that. She lived her life everyday as a miracle.

The truth is, we humans are not ordinary. We are extraordinary in every way. We are quite remarkable and yet we find it hard to believe or understand that we are, by the very nature of being alive, a miracle. So, is it possible that the repetition of extraordinary becomes ordinary and “miracles” have the heavy task of being astounding to be noticed?

We were so busy with our expectation of what a miracle is supposed to be that the miracle, a petite, hauntingly striking young girl with eyes of wisdom, appearing to be frail and fatigued at times, showed us that life is a miracle, and every minute, every breath, is an extraordinary gift.

Each and every one of us is a part of life. We reveal the miracle within us through our expressions and experiences as human beings. Those of us who were lucky to know Sammy, realize that her gift to us is a reminder to live life like there is no tomorrow, to be in the now, and be grateful for what we have.

Samantha Randall Cassidy’s philosophy—Live your life, you are the Miracle! Wake up everyday greeting the world with the attitude, “Hi ya world! Your miracle just woke up!”

Sammy, we got it. We got our miracle, the one we were suppose to see. Your light here will never be extinguished. And if by chance, we lose our way, we need only to look within and remember, you were a miracle here. I see you as a star and I thank you for your light.

A miracle and proud


About Heidi:

As an amateur observer of the human race, Heidi is a self-appointed documentarian of life’s little quirks and how to stumble through them with humor.
Maintaining that belief has brought her to that golden age of early-bird specials, senior discounts, and the VIP-AARP card.  Always on the lookout for new adventures, Heidi is currently standing at the fork in the road, tossing a coin and deciding the next step along the way!  Stay tuned!  



2 Responses to “Ordinary People by Heidi Hirsch”

  1. Ruth Liebesman says:

    Sammy was extraordinary. She was a miracle who would have set the world on fire if she’d been given the time.

  2. Wanda says:

    Thank you for your comment. I learned about Sammy through Heidi’s blog. Sammy taught us all to live life moment to moment and to realize the miracle that each of us are.

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