“Starting from Scratch” by Heidi Hirsch

July 22nd

Starting from Scratch by Heidi Hirsch


Stone Soup is an old folk story in which a hungry stranger convinces the people of a town to each share a small amount of their food to make a kettle of soup.

The stranger takes a stone and places it in a pot filled with water. Soon everybody in the town has contributed to the soup. Depending how you see it, the soup is either wonderful or a complete disaster.

If you look at the human experience, it’s a bit like stone soup.

As we go about the business of living, we accumulate.

A little wisdom, a few cuts and bruises, memories of fun times, of sad times, falling in love for the first time, roller coasters (the same thing as love), scary movies, hot buttered popcorn, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, chocolate anything, out of control hormones, odd un-defined sensations, “As Seen On TV” products that NEVER work, an open account with QVC and maybe the best and worse of them all, other people’s opinions.

And, when you realize that your life maybe different from anybody you know, the first impact of that realization might be defined by or swayed by those opinions.

Being gay is not a choice.

Chances are you won’t wake up one bright and cheery morning and say, “Good Morning World, I think I’ll be gay today.” There are a few people out there that do that but it has something to do with their publicist and their twitter account.

Regardless, the choice you do have, is how you shape your world and the influences you embrace and the ones you push aside.

Growing up is a bitch.

Growing up gay takes a commitment to self for what you feel is your greater good. As you learn to embrace who you are, the challenge is to create your own Stone Soup recipe for your life. This is something only you can do. Only you know what is best for you.

If this is sounding like a public service announcement, it is. We, who have made it past the obstacles along the way, have a responsibility to reach out to our younger self and walk the path again only this time, with our gay youth.

We must sound louder and stronger drowning out those who choose to attack others while hiding behind a book or a belief that condemns.

To influence those around us with encouragement, our collective voices are making amazing music. The melody is strong, clear and is sustained by those who have been there before and are here today, making changes. There is a quiet thread that runs through all of us, it is a weave of acceptance, welcome, support and family.

LGBT Daily Spotlight is one of those vital influences. A site of celebration and pride. Each day, the names and influences of gay citizens and friends, are honored for their achievements and commitments to our community and the world.

I am both astonished and proud of those folks and it is for this reason that I am honored to have the opportunity to, I hope, influence others in a positive direction.



About Heidi:

As an amateur observer of the human race, Heidi is a self -appointed documentarian of life’s little quirks and how to stumble through them with humor.

Maintaining that belief has brought her to that golden age of early-bird specials, senior discounts, and the VIP-AARP card.

When she isn’t acting as the arbiter of lesbian fashion, Heidi is a professional in the themed entertainment industry. As a Project Manager, her projects include the recently opened Motiongate & Bollywood theme parks in Dubai. Currently she is working on a new theme park in an undisclosed location in the Middle East.

Always on the lookout for new adventures, Heidi enjoys building Free Libraries and is currently co-developing an on-line directory for the themed entertainment industry.

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  1. Dorothy Buhrman says:

    Another great blog by Heidi. “Growing up gay takes a commitment to self for what you feel is your greater good.” Some great insights by Heidi. I also like the metaphor of using stone soup. I’ve always loved your site, Wanda and having Heidi blog adds so much to the overall excellence.

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