What Is Your Platform?

October 30th

What is your platform?

I am an undeclared voter. The idea that I must align myself with structured categories sends me in orbit!  It has taken me 66 years to accept the fact that I am human. That’s as far as I am willing to be defined.  Like a herd of cattle, we are to aimlessly advance into a narrow mindset that defines you by the rules made by others. Left or right, black or white, gay or straight, for or against. No!

We live in a democratic society. A democracy by definition is a government by elected representatives. It’s a form of society that demands equal rights, freedom of speech, a fair trial, the right to protest, and tolerates the views of all. A society that requires responsible and active work towards a shared vision of a healthy balanced life.  The American dream.

So here we are.  Days away from election day casting our votes to decide who will take the role of a representative that pledges to . . . what?

If we have learned anything from 2020, our lives can be altered in a heartbeat. If Washington has forgotten the summer of 2020, we must remind them that Black Lives Matter is not a distant cry, that women’s rights and LGBT rights are our rights, not that of the government. And the number one issue, dealing with climate change.

I’ve taken it upon myself to define my Platform and vote for me. Well not me, I don’t want the job but the candidate that best aligns with my values. 

So, what about you? What is your platform? What do you stand for?

What principles and values do you rely on to guide your life. Humility, empathy, resilience? Willing to take a risk? To learn to grow? Or do you look to destroy, to intimated? To exercise power for your own self-importance?  Does your day end with a reflection on how many you hurt or how many you helped.

The results of this election will be the most crucial outcome we have ever experienced. Never before have we had so much at stake. Our world is spinning in a chaotic unbalanced whirl.  

Standing at the crossroads, the outcome rests on the shoulders of every citizen of voting age.  We have only one course of action. One entry into the contest. One ticket. One vote.

Since President Reagan, I’ve heard it trickles down from the top. The time has come to turn that upside down. Blasting like a firehose to the top. This is our nation. Take a stand. Those that we have granted leadership roles MUST abide by our terms. They work for us. And if you haven’t seen examples of that commitment, then it is time to remind them. We put them there, we pay their salaries, and we can damn well fire them.

Quoting Doris Kearns Goodwin, “The power is your hands.  Individuals always make different.”

Voting isn’t a right, voting isn’t a choice, voting is a duty, a responsibility.

If you haven’t already voted. Please take the time for yourself and others.  This is our time. Our time to be heard loud and clear! Take back your country, take back your health, your livelihood, and vote like your life depends on it because it does.

Proud and voted.

About Heidi:   

Heidi Hirsch lives in the Los Angeles area with two birds, a bunch of Koi, and very demanding squirrels.  As a project developer for Reveal Studio, Inc. she oversees the production and development of the themed entertainment division.  Heidi has recently achieved the status of “Seasoned Citizen”.  In her downtime, she fancies herself as an urban farmer.  “Never did I think I would get so excited over tomatoes and cucumbers without salad dressing!”.

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