Why Your Vote Won’t Count by Heidi Hirsh

March 2nd

Why your vote won’t count. by Heidi Hirsch

If you don’t vote, then one thing is for certain. Your vote won’t count.

I’ll admit, I’m already sick of the political warfare. The recent Democratic debate reminded me of a chapter right out of Lord of the Flies. It was hard to determine if I was watching a Saturday Night Live opening or an actual debate. Just for the record, I am registered undeclared. I vote for who I think is the best person, not by party.

The last thing I want to do is whack my way through the entangled overinflated egos searching through the next group of “saviors” to make America, America again.

Preparing for the already cantankerous behavior that might get worse, I’m inclined to shut out the noise, shut down social media, turn off the TV, find a nice quiet place in the valley of “I Don’t Care” and wait it out. The problem is, if I do that and I don’t vote, then my vote doesn’t count.

If you think voting is a waste of time and one vote doesn’t mean a thing, think again

In several cases, one vote changed the course of history. Remember Aaron Burr? You know, that guy that killed Alexander Hamilton, one vote kept him from becoming President in 1800. Another one vote saved Andrew Johnson from removal of office in 1868 after he was impeached. Which comes to mind, here we are again. The President of the United States has been impeached. One vote could have sent him packing. Think about THAT!!!

The 19th amendment, a women’s right to vote, ratification hinged on one state and one vote. A young Nashville Legislator by the name of Harry Burn, age 24, cast the deciding vote that broke the 48 to 48 tie in which Tennessee became the 36th and deciding state to ratify the amendment.*

And don’t forget Dr. Seuss’ character JoJo. One voice that saved the lives of all the citizens that lived in Whoville. Ok, not a vote but you get the point. A single voice was heard.

Your vote is a privilege and an honor. Squandering that is disrespectful to yourself and to the many people that made great sacrifices in their lives for the right to vote. Democracy is not a spectator sport.  

If you are happy with the State of our Union, you need to vote. If you want to change the State of our Union, you need to vote. Whatever the outcome of Super Tuesday (March 3rd), and beyond, sets the course for the race in November. The choice is yours. Be a part of it.   

When you walk into your polling place, you are not walking in alone. You are representing the warriors before you that fought for your privilege. Join in and stand up. Walk shoulder to shoulder with your friends, family, and neighbors. It’s your community, your state and your country. Proudly wear your “I Voted” sticker. Let everyone know that you count!

Voting and proud

About Heidi:

Heidi Hirsch lives in the Los Angeles area with two birds, a bunch of Koi and very demanding squirrels.  As a project developer for Reveal Studio, Inc. she oversees the production and development of the themed entertainment division.  Heidi has recently achieved the status of “Seasoned Citizen”.  In her downtime, she fancies herself as an urban farmer.  “Never did I think I would get so excited over tomatoes and cucumbers without salad dressing!”.


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